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802, 2018

Postpartum Progress

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I’ve stayed quieter on this page for the past five months. Yes, I’ve shared my postpartum progress photos & random food pics & and pics of the babes (can’t help myself- love them to pieces). However, I’ve stayed quiet on some major thoughts going through my head. One reason is that as time continued on I wanted to make sure my opinion stayed the same. I wanted to make sure I was certain on my new beliefs before I post about it to the 51,000 people who follow my page. Since having Oliver & Olivia, my opinion on exercise and nutrition has changed. Dramatically. My world has changed, for the better. My reasoning for exercising, my “why”, is now for a [...]

2501, 2018

My Obsession with bObsweep!

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Let me start off by saying I was the type of person that liked to vacuum every single day - especially my living room! As the babies got older and we moved our way to play on the floor...I obsessed more and more about it! I would sometimes vacuum twice a day! The obsession was real. It became pretty annoying because I would have to time it out perfect when the babies were sleeping (when my hands were free) but I also had to be careful to not wake them. On top of that, I would be lying if I said the past four months have not been exhausting. It's been an amazing ride but nonetheless EXHAUSTING.  After we put [...]

1510, 2017

My Birth Story, Q/A!

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1.) How has it been after taking the twins home? Do you have any help? Obviously it has been a huge adjustment! There is so much to learn and you kind of just get thrown into parenthood... instantly! How crazy is that?Exciting and scary all at once. Can I be completely honest? This is the most scary yet most rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life. Yes we have a lot of family close... which has been amazing. My mom comes over in the morning for three hours almost every day so I am garunteed three hours of sleep, which is saving me. 2.) Are you going to try the same eating/sleeping patterns with the twins? Yes, [...]

1506, 2017

My top favorite Boppy products!

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Considering this is my first pregnancy (WITH TWINS!) I had quite a bit to learn about self-care! It can be extremely overwhelming to find the the best lotion to prevent stretch marks and how to sleep safely yet still comfortably. This is where teaming up with Boppy made my life 100 times easier & enjoyable!   Being a trainer and nutritionist, I am very aware (and scared of!) stretch marks. My favorite muscle group to train is abs and I do post quite a bit of fitness photos on my website and social media accounts.   There a few guidelines that I have been following consistently everyday to help avoid those dreaded stretch marks! 1.) Watching what I eat. It's important [...]

1603, 2017

Meet Allison Couri!

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I had met Allison once in person a couple years back. However, when she contacted me regarding a nutrition challenge, I had no idea of her current situation. Last March, she suffered from a series of strokes and as a result was put on a very high dose of steroids. March of 2016 and August 2016 she gained roughly 45 pounds. Now, can you imagine being 22 years young and going through four strokes? I can't. I've been working with clients for two years now and have heard of many different setbacks they have had. But this one really touched me. Allison started off doing one of my nutrition challenges. This particular challenge consisted of her texting me every single [...]

1301, 2017

Meet Cass!

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Meet Cass! One of my challengers that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 2 months! Read below to hear more about her weight loss journey (:     1.) What inspired you to initially want to lose weight? When I started grad school, I stopped working out and got into some really poor eating habits. I knew I was not treating my body right, and I just wanted to get healthier in addition to losing weight. I would always say that I was going to start eating healthier and exercising when I wasn't so busy, but I never seemed to get less busy. I finally realized that there was never going to be a perfect [...]

1212, 2016

My Love Affair With Spaghetti Squash

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Brrrrrr! It's snowing like crazy here in Madison, Wisconsin! Everytime I go to leave, Stella stands guard at the door. It's hilarious because she thinks she's so tough! Ha! Anyways, I’m at a nearby Barnes Noble blogging to you guys. I secretly love this atmosphere because I’m surrounded by college students… which makes me feel like I’m back in college! I’ve been asked a lot of questions on how I’m keeping weight off during my ACL recovery so here it is. I’m watching my nutrition pretty strictly and staying around 1200-1300 calories per day. This is hard for me because I’m a foodie! I miss going on a 3-4 mile run and feeling as if I earned a little treat. [...]

1112, 2016

Home Made Chex Mix!

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Chex mix brings me back to grade school days! My friends and I would chow on it when “snack time” still existed before lunch. You would think this snack is downright awful for you. While store bought isn’t the greatest (especially due to the high amount of sodium) homemade Chex mix is quite healthy as the occasional snack! Here is why: - It provides 78% of the daily value needed for iron. This is essential in the formation of red blood cells and preventing iron-deficiency anemia! - 2% of the daily recommended calcium is found in Chex mix. - It contains 2% of the antioxidant Vitamin A and 45% of Vitamin C. You are leaving out the butter in the [...]