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My top favorite Boppy products!
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Considering this is my first pregnancy (WITH TWINS!) I had quite a bit to learn about self-care! It can be extremely overwhelming to find the the best lotion to prevent stretch marks and how to sleep safely yet still comfortably. This … Read More

Meet Allison Couri!
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I had met Allison once in person a couple years back. However, when she contacted me regarding a nutrition challenge, I had no idea of her current situation. Last March, she suffered from a series of strokes and as a … Read More

Meet Cass!
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Meet Cass! One of my challengers that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 2 months! Read below to hear more about her weight loss journey (:   1.) What inspired you to initially want to … Read More

My Love Affair With Spaghetti Squash
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Brrrrrr! It’s snowing like crazy here in Madison, Wisconsin! Everytime I go to leave, Stella stands guard at the door. It’s hilarious because she thinks she’s so tough! Ha! Anyways, I’m at a nearby Barnes Noble blogging to you guys. … Read More

Home Made Chex Mix!
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Chex mix brings me back to grade school days! My friends and I would chow on it when “snack time” still existed before lunch. You would think this snack is downright awful for you. While store bought isn’t the greatest … Read More

What to do when life doesn’t go your way
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Those who have followed my social media for awhile now can probably guess what inspired this post topic. For those who haven’t been, let me fill you in. This past year I was on a fitness reality show for Beachbody. … Read More