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My Birth Story, Q/A!
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1.) How has it been after taking the twins home? Do you have any help? Obviously it has been a huge adjustment! There is so much to learn and you kind of just get thrown into parenthood… instantly! How crazy … Read More

My top favorite Boppy products!
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Considering this is my first pregnancy (WITH TWINS!) I had quite a bit to learn about self-care! It can be extremely overwhelming to find the the best lotion to prevent stretch marks and how to sleep safely yet still comfortably. This … Read More

Meet Allison Couri!
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I had met Allison once in person a couple years back. However, when she contacted me regarding a nutrition challenge, I had no idea of her current situation. Last March, she suffered from a series of strokes and as a … Read More

Meet Cass!
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Meet Cass! One of my challengers that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 2 months! Read below to hear more about her weight loss journey (:   1.) What inspired you to initially want to … Read More

My Love Affair With Spaghetti Squash
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Brrrrrr! It’s snowing like crazy here in Madison, Wisconsin! Everytime I go to leave, Stella stands guard at the door. It’s hilarious because she thinks she’s so tough! Ha! Anyways, I’m at a nearby Barnes Noble blogging to you guys. … Read More

Home Made Chex Mix!
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Chex mix brings me back to grade school days! My friends and I would chow on it when “snack time” still existed before lunch. You would think this snack is downright awful for you. While store bought isn’t the greatest … Read More