Hey guys! I am beyond excited to have Lively Girl expand to a website and blog! Many of you may follow me on Instagram but for those that do not, let me tell you a little bit about Lively Girl Fitness and what it stands for.

Lively Girl:

A girl that has chosen to not just be alive but to live. Lively girls were once enslaved by their doubts, fears, and their choice to talk instead of act. But no more. Lively Girls are rising up and realizing that the only thing ever holding them back was themselves.

Lively Girl stands for the women who take action, who live and fight to lead a healthier lifestyle every day. They don’t talk, they don’t plan, they do. A lively girl has struggled time and time again, and even failed, but has never given up.

Let’s stop talking and start living.

Do it. Fight it. Love it. Live it.

I will be coming up with some new posts very soon. Stay tuned (:

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