Staying fit during wedding season!

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I don’t know about you guys but this summer has been full of weddings and new engagements! I love weddings. I love going to weddings. Most of all… I love wedding cake! Do not even get my started on my obsession with icing… (my biggest weakness).

We all want to look good- take cute pictures with our significant others & friends to celebrate the happy couple. However, it would be a shame to not stray from our healthy diet for a slice of cake and maybe a alcoholic beverage (or two). So where do we draw the line at having a blast but still being health conscious. After all, we do want to destroy all the hard work we have been putting in for months! Well, I did an experiment yesterday at the wedding I attended with my boyfriend (congrats Jess and Matt!). Here are three tips that I recommend!

1.) Do not over indulge during appetizer hour!

I have experienced some awkward time gaps at several weddings. The church service will be at 1:30 and go until 2:00 or 2:30. There is an appetizer hour at 4:30. So what do you do with the two spare hours that you have? Have a HEALTHY snack! Go on a walk. Do something ACTIVE. You don’t have to go on a ten mile run. Just go outside, go on a walk, enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. Then fuel your body with some healthy snacks. Call me a nerd but I packed a lunch box. It consisted of 2 apples, a pear, and a protein bar (brought extra because my boyfriend is a food thief!). The goal is to have 5-6 small meals a day anyways. This rule still applies even on days such as these! By the time we arrived at appetizer hour, I was relieved that I ate. I was not starving and my snacks helped me wait until dinner. Not going to lie, I snacked on a few cheese cubes but I was able to restrain myself from eating the entire platter! I was glad I saved my calories to indulge in some cake because it was delicious!!


2.) Find an alcoholic beverage that is not skyrocketing in calories!

Okay, so this is actually pretty comical. When I’m trying to be good with what drinks I have, I always stick with vodka & water with lime. However, I have had experiences in the past where I order this drink and it just taste awful! You need the right amount of lime (or something sweeter, such as sprite zero) so it is not completely bitter. When you are not the one making the drink, it is kind of out of your control. That is why I decided that it was necessary to but take this cute little lime juice bottle in my purse with me as back up (: Boy, was I glad!



It’s really not a big deal. Order your drink, pay the bartender, and taste test it. If it is bitter beyond belief, take that handy dandy lime juice out of your purse and give your drink some extra flavor! If you do not like lime juice, pack some sprite zero! It also adds a nice sweet flavor.

3.) Get your butt on the dance floor- Dance the night away!

Recently, I just got a fitbit Surge and I am in love with it! My goal in a day is to get 10,000 steps (at the least). I decided to wear it to the wedding & reception (although it may not have been the cutest accessory with my dress and heals hehe) Started dancing around 7:15- I was at 10,034 steps at this point already. Checked my steps after dancing the night away and I was at 21,000 steps! This is the same amount of steps that I got after wearing my fitbit during my half iron man (the 13.1 mile run). That’s pretty insane! Oh, and just so you guys know I am the most awkward dancer you will ever meet… You do not have to be the best dancer, majority of the people there are intoxicated anyways and are not focused on you. Thats what I kept telling myself hahaha so just get out there, dance, and have fun!(:

My handsome dance partner & love!
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