Why I do what I love as a living

Why I do what I love as a living

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By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.


Why I do what I love as a living:

1.) I feel so fulfilled.

Guys, I can’t tell you how many people have told me that being a trainer is not realistic. That I should have worked in a hospital with my nutrition degree and chose a different path. Believe me… I’ve heard it. Part of me understands why they say it. I know the fitness industry is very saturated… it’s cut throat, and not to mention highly competitive. Coming from a large family, all my siblings are very successful. My eldest brother and sister are doctors. My second oldest brother just graduated law school. My third brother is a business owner. My little brother is currently studying bio medical engineering. Here I am, saying my dream job is to be a trainer! When I tell people this, they find it pretty comical. Not going to lie, so do I ­čśé I know it’s not as realistic, substantial, or stable as other jobs. I KNOW THAT! But I just do not care. I love it.

Here is a story for you all. Last year after graduating college, I was lined up with a few places where I wanted to use my nutrition degree. Then I became super wish washy with that and decided to apply to nursing school. Why? Well I was told that was realistic for me and extremely stable. I gave in to others opinions, applied, received an acceptance letter and was all set for orientation. I remember just having a bad gut feeling for months about it. Not because nursing is a bad occupation- what you nurses do is amazing. But I knew it wasn’t what I was meant to do. I kept lying to myself that it was. The day of orientation comes and I turned to my Mom and just flat out said, ” I know in my heart this is not what I want to do with the rest of my life.” (Btw my mom was an ER nurse). That’s when we decided this year would be my trying year! I would solely dedicate it to training & helping others and just see what happens. The amazing thing is that my family has had my back through this whole crazy ride. A LOT has happened this year. I can’t wait to share with all of you, when the time is right, what I was up to not too long ago. You’ll just have to wait a little longer.

What I’m doing and trying to accomplish is risky. Here’s the simple truth- I am so fulfilled its not even funny. Yeah, I work some weird hours and have to work extremely hard to prove my worth as a trainer. But it makes me so happy, I really can’t see myself doing anything else.

2.) It keeps me motivated.
I know that being a successful trainer means that I definitely need to practice what I preach. Helping my clients with their nutrition and training them keeps ME accountable. It motivates me to be the healthiest version of myself possible. My occupation is what is keeping myself healthy & happy. That is PRICELESS.

3.) I became a source of motivation to others.
Co-workers and clients can tell whether you love your job or not by the way you act. Someone who loves their job is less likely to complain or put in just the minimum effort. I legit get a high from helping my clients accomplish their goals. I can not express how amazing it is to see a person start to believe in themselves again. Just thinking of it right now, gives me goosebumps.

I know one of life’s biggest challenges is figuring out what exactly you want to be or do. All I can say is, make sure it is something you love. Everyone around you will tell you whats right for you. Don’t ignore what they say completely…but make sure it is what YOU want as well. Whoever coined the phrase “your work shouldn’t feel like a chore” is completely right.

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