What to do when life doesn’t go your way

What to do when life doesn’t go your way

Those who have followed my social media for awhile now can probably guess what inspired this post topic. For those who haven’t been, let me fill you in.
This past year I was on a fitness reality show for Beachbody. It was intense! But nonetheless a great experience. I ended up not winning but learning a great deal. After arriving home, I decided to get an MRI due to knee pain. I found out I did not have an ACL…actually hadn’t one for a few years and never realized it (but it explained the knee pain haha!). After my wedding, I had my knee surgery because I knew in the long run I would be glad I did it. Now, 6 weeks later, I can not tell you how many people have asked me in this time-span, “what is your next step?”
“You didn’t win the show & you can’t workout…what are you going to do!”
People are bewildered on how I could possibly be handling my situation considering my whole job is based on fitness. Here is how I’m dealing with it and why I’m not upset.

1.) I’m giving myself a break.
It’s very common people only give attention to what is not going right in their lives. In a sense, what is lacking. I’m guilty of doing this in the past but I refuse to do it now. Yes, this past year was crazy and full of surprises! Some good and some bad. Instead of focusing on the bad I choose to see the good. I recently married an amazing man who completely supports what I do for a living. I have a close tight-knit family that means the world to me. I have the ability walk…to see. There is nothing critically wrong. Life is GOOD.

img_89632.) I decided to tell a different story.

Lively Girl Fitness started off focusing more on exercise & displaying my training. My biggest strength was my physicality. Obviously thats out of the picture right and not my current story. So…what is my new one? How to not get fat during surgery recovery! (sounds so glamorous hahaha) But that is the truth…and what my actual goal is! I’m not going to give up my passion, I’m just changing the story temporarily. There is nothing more preventive from moving ahead than living in the past and continuing negative stories that we tell ourselves. I could easily tell myself “ Your body obviously hates you! 3 ACL surgeries and 1 spinal fusion surgery…JUST GIVE UP!” I refuse to let past experiences define my life story. I will just find a different way to obtain what I want.


3.) I got busy.
I could easily watch netflix and “pity eat” all day and use my leg as an excuse.  It would be the easy way to go. Instead, I sit on my computer chair in the kitchen and get busy cooking. I can’t workout? I can’t be on my leg for long periods of time? That’s fine! I’ll wheel myself around the kitchen and cook my way to fitness if I have to! I’ll start creating some amazing recipes that satisfy yet fuel my body to recovery. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!



4.) I decided to live in the moment.
In the past year, especially, I have learned that many good things are born from bad experiences. Life is not meant to be a series of dreams coming true but a series of lessons to be learned. It’s important to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is actually happening.

To all of you reading this that have been disappointed by the route life has taken you…try this approach. Give yourself a break. Tell a different story. GET BUSY! Live in the moment. I guarantee every single person reading this has something in their life not going the way they planned. It’s inevitable & part of life. However, it does not mean your life is over. Suck it up, buttercup! Apply these 4 steps to your life and watch it change into something great.

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